We the members of the Indian tribal groups of the State of Nevada, of the United States of America,in meeting assembled on the 30 day of November, 1974,at the Reno Sparks, New Facility Building, hereby propose this amended Constitution and Bylaws of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada,Inc.

We have associated ourselves together for the following purposes:

  1. To secure for our people the rights and benefits which should accrue to them pursuant to treaties and all legal, moral and equitable commitments and undertakings of the United States Government;
  2. To preserve and protect the Indian cultural values and heritage and at the same time increase the understandings of our people and their fuller participation in the institutions of free government in the state and communities in which they live;
  3. To secure and promote the general welfare and education of our people and their full employment and exercise of all the privileges of citizenship in the United States;
  4. To hasten and improve the education of our people in a basis of equality of instruction and facilities with other citizens;
  5. To enlighten the public with respect to Indian affairs and promote a better understanding between the Indians and their fellow citizens of the State of Nevada and of the United States.

ITCN comprised of the 27 participating tribes from within the state of Nevada.

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