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We the members of the Indian tribal groups of the State of Nevada, of the United States of America,in meeting assembled on the 30 day of November, 1974,at the Reno Sparks, New Facility Building, hereby propose this amended Constitution and Bylaws of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada,Inc. Continue Reading


The Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada is formed by the 27 Tribal members of the state of Nevada to enhance and promote opportunities for the members of the state’s federally recognized Indian tribes to act on serve on behalf of the tribes and foster communication and consultation between tribes, local and community agencies, government and federal agencies.
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ITCN is the lead agency for several federally funded grants, including, but not limited to; Family Violence and Prevention/Domestic Violence Services, Women Infant & Children, Head Start, Environmental Protection Agency, Native Workforce Development, Court of Appeals, Child Care Development Fund, and Administration on Aging.  Services for these programs are provided to urban and rural tribal communities,, children, families, and elders throughout the state.
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About Us

Serving the 27 Tribes in the state of Nevada

About Us

The Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, Inc. (ITCN) was incorporated as a non-profit organization under Nevada State Law on February 23, 1966. ITCN is a Tribal organization serving the 27 member reservations and colonies in Nevada. The Governing Body of ITCN consists of an Executive Board, composed of Tribal Chairman from each of these Tribes. The main intent of ITCN is to serve as a large political body for the small Nevada Tribes. ITCN has played a major role in promoting Health, Educational, Social, Economic, and Job Opportunity Programs. ITCN now manages Federal and State funded programs aimed at improving the well-being of community members throughout the State of Nevada.

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John Dressler

  • Education

    “Get the best education you’ve got, and continue your education, and when you have completed your education, work at it.  Pick up experience.”

    John Dressler
  • Support

    “We hope we can induce our people to organize more activities within their own communities with the support of the Inter Tribal Council.”

    John Dressler
  • Cooperation

    “I think what we’re looking for is assistance and cooperation from all our Indian people and from federal and state agencies and the general public so that we could do something worthwhile for Indian people.”

    John Dressler

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